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Lopel Laser Opto Electronic Technology

LOPEL is a representation company, which was established in 2006. LOPEL provides products and services for all military and civilian platforms in the fields of:
• Inertial navigation, stabilization, guidance and control systems
• GPS and navigation sensors
• Custom made MIL SPEC rugged military hardware such as, servers, monitors, workstations, consoles and switches
• Drones and guiding and positioning technology for manned and unmanned aerial systems
• EO/IR systems
• Night Vision Equipment
• Thermal/IR cameras and modules
• Laser Range Finders
• Commercial and military grade tablets and laptops
• Illuminated light panels
• Membrane Switches

LOPEL, with over 30 years of experience, can provide parts and services as well as complete turn key systems, including related design, development, manufacturing, sales and service.


Creative Heads

LOPEL works with global leading technology product manufacturing firms to supply latest technology products supporting turn key solutions to critical local projects.

Products and Services

LOPEL, can supply complete, custom made, MIL SPEC computer systems, including but not limited to, servers, MFDs, switches, consoles, keyboards, workstations for all naval, airborne and land platforms.

Lopel, can supply complete, INS/IMU solutions for all manned and unmanned systems for land, naval, airborne, railway, underwater and underground civilian or military platforms as well as stabilization, tracking, surveying, tunneling, calibration, orientation & alignment equipment.

LOPEL, can supply light panels and integrated display systems; custom membrane switches for all industrial and military manufacturing.

LOPEL, can supply embedded SWaP-C optimized, high-performance navigation solutions, using the latest in MEMS inertial sensor and GPS/GNSS technology, for the military, aerospace, marine, and robotics industries.

LOPEL, can supply guidance and positioning systems for landing drones on moving land and naval platforms, as well as drone systems.

LOPEL, can supply industrial or military grade, 7”, 10” and 12” terminals and tablets for military vehicles, hospitals, medical companies, law enforcement, border patrol and for all harsh environments.

LOPEL continues to work with local defense companies to support their contracts in terms of R&D, manufacturing and consulting.

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