LOPEL works as a local project solution provider with numerous local and globally recognized companies.

LOPEL solution portfolio includes Photonics products such as SWIR and other imaging cameras, eye safe rangefinders or designator class lasers for military applications.

LOPEL has project partners to support projects involving products like:
• Stabilized Gimbal
• Imaging Camera (IR), Thermal Camera
• Eyesafe laser range finder, Laser designator, Laser pointer, Laser diode drivers
• NVIS lighting systems
• Helicopter cockpit and weapon systems modernization
• LIDAR/LADAR, and other laser and optoelectronic related products

LOPEL works with global leading technology product manufacturing firms to supply latest technology products supporting turn key solutions to critical local projects.

LOPEL also serves to the local defense industry to supply special military rugged displays, computer systems, laptops, MFDs, keyboard /displays, etc.

LOPEL continues to work with local defense and civil companies to support their current projects by providing them with state of the art technology/products or prototypes and turn key solutions including technology consulting services.